Monday, February 16, 2009

A fun birthday party followed by a trip to the E.R :(

I can't believe I am posting about Elley's first birthday -where did the time go? We had a party for her at my mother in laws house - thanks Laura for letting us invade your space :) Chance made a really cute slide show of Elley's first year - because what is a party with out some tears right? We had a lot of Elley's favorite people there and I am so glad that they came to celebrate with us. Thank you to everyone who traveled from Logan to come I know it was a yucky drive.
This is the birthday girl!! She was so cute when she opened her presents she smiled every time we got to a new one. She got so much stuff - some really cute outfits and lots of new toys!!

Here is Elley with her Aunt Loren !! I think they will be very close when she gets older - as soon as loren walks in the door she runs for Elley and she is one of the few people that Elley will actually go to without a fight!! She also has a very special relationship with Parker and he calls her his girlfriend. He said to her the other day when I get home from being a super hero will you be there to make me dinner ? lol silly boy

Here is my mom with the girls!! We all can't wait to see what happens when they grow up - we wonder if they will be best friends or get on each others nerves? They love to play together and can't keep there hands of each other now so hopefully that is a good sign!!

SO.... now that I have shared all the fun party pictures , this is where the night went bad!! She was good during the whole event but she seemed off - my mom thought she might be getting a head cold because her eyes and nose were watering. But as the night progressed she acted really irritable and kept coughing - which is never a good sign. She just got over having a mild case of strep throat and ear infections -where we found out the hard way that she is allergic to amoxicillin. So I was really hoping she was not sick again , especially so close to her birthday!! Well she seemed ok when we put her to bed but I woke up to her weezing on the monitor and I knew something was really wrong. She was having a really hard time breathing and her lips were purple- then she started throwing up . So we rushed her to the E.R
They gave her a breathing treatment and took x- rays. Then they gave her a nasty steroid shot . As you can see by this picture of our happy baby with puffy eyes the medicine in the nebulizer worked wonders :)They think she has a form of the croup - which is good new compared to all the other really bad things that kids can get sick with these days.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just some pictures :)

I love my mom!!! She is such an awesome Grandma! Parker thinks she is a reading machine - he makes her read books to him every time we see her !

Sweet baby :)

I love this sweet little face so much!

Super bowl !! I am glad we got this picture - getting a normal one with all 4 of us is hard work! If you look close you will see that Parker and Chance have the same fo -hawk, care of free hair cuts at home by Mom!!

What a pair these two are!!