Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas recap

This picture sums up there personalities... Elley is a sweet little princess and Parker is my wild and silly little man

I would say this is the best Christmas we have had yet!! It was so fun!! We started so many new traditions as a family this year.. and I can't wait to try them out again next year!! I am so glad I got everything done for Christmas in early December .. it was so nice to spend so much time with my family - and not wrapping presents and shopping. If I said the kids got spoiled .. it would be the biggest understatement ever.. it will seriously take me weeks to find places for all there new stuff!! I am feeling pretty lucky to have such an awesome family!! I am very grateful for my mom .. we had such a great Christmas Eve with her.. we watched Christmas movies, drank some fun drinks, and had so much fun. And I could not ask for a better mother in law.. she always makes Christmas morning so special.. she is so giving and I am always blown away with all she does for us.

Elley's fav toy this year... her cool new Car- She freaked out the minute she saw this thing!!! She was so much fun this year..

Parkers fav toy this year.. his remote control Buzz!! He has got to be the best person to give gifts too.. he freaks out over everything- even underwear lol!! He is such a stud!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Giving Thanks.. a little late!!

Chels and Elley Belly!! They are both little princesses:)

I LOVE my little family!!! We had a good day and lots of yummy yummy food!!!

I cant get enough of this girl.. she is my bestie :) Love her more then words!!!