Sunday, August 21, 2011

She is so big...

Elley has been trying to convince Chance and I that she is ready to drive the four wheeler all by herself. So this is her first time driving it - she was so brave. She cruised around for hours and cried when it was time to stop. She is such a tom boy - she has begged to "pracise" every day and is getting pretty good at that thing.

We tried to talk Brantley into trying but there was no way that was happening. For now she is content letting Uncle Chance take her for rides...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One cool 1st grader...

I totally underestimated how hard it would be to send the little man off to 1st grade. The night before as I was laying out his clothes I thought about the 7 years I have had with him and I wished I would have spent more time loving and hugging him. I seriously questioned everything. It was so hard.. am I crazy? Just say no so I feel better :)
I did not sleep that night .. just so worried that I was losing him.. I know he is 7!! I am totally out of control. When I dropped him off I thought ok so I just leave now and you take care of my son for 7 hours.. I am so not ok with this!! I tried really hard to stay calm and pretend like I was not battling with myself, I must have done a really bad job because he said '"Mom, am I ready for this? I don't think I am ready for this yet!!" I felt horrible!! I said "You are totally ready .. you are going to learn so many cool new things and make so many friends.. they are so lucky to have you in there class. I am just sad because I will miss you. but I guess now we will just have to cram more fun things into the time we have together after school!"
I love him beyond's so hard to let him go but pretty cool to watch who he is becoming.

Here he is.. he really wanted to wear these sunglasses on his first day.. me and Chance tried to explain to him that they are SAFETY glasses not SUN glasses but he was not having any of that..

Mrs. Williams

Counting down..

being silly with Elley...


Thursday, August 11, 2011


So try to forget that I deleted my blog - I have learned my lesson and was SOOOO happy to see that I could restore it!! It wont happen again - carry on :)