Monday, April 27, 2009

We made it through the Ist year - we only have forever to go !!!

So for Our first Anniversary Chance and I went to the supercross in Salt Lake. On our honeymoon we were in Vegas and got tickets to the Supercross finals so I think this will be a tradition for us- I don't think he will mind :) But I think that is the least that I can do for him after all he does for us!! He is honestly the BEST husband in the world - and if I ever forget that my mom and sisters are reminding me how lucky I am to have him. He puts up with me when I am having one of my days where I am mad at everyone and he knows just what to say when I am hard on myself. He won't let us go to bed angry with each other and he won;t let me walk away from an argument until everything is ok - he honestly just gets me and knows exactly how to handle things to make me feel safe. He is such a great dad!! And not just with our sweet girl but he loves Parker honestly as if he were his own. Sometimes I catch myself watching and listening to him when he is with Parker when he doesn't know that I am. I am very protective of Parker - I feel like he has had a very different life then little Elley will ever know - which is a great thing but I feel the need to protect him all the time. And Chance was the only guy even while we were dating that felt the same way about him that I do. The bond that he has with him is so coolest thing I have ever seen - and I am so grateful that he came into our lives when he did because I don't think me or Parker could have done it alone. It is making me cry to think about - lol but I truly did not know life until I met him!! Corny , right?! I love him so much and all that he does for us!! I love the little things he does for me like hugging and kissing me at 4:30 when he is leaving for wok even though I am so out of it I just grunt at him , and on his days off he moves the baby monitor over to his side of the bed and wakes up with elley and does everything he can to keep the kids quite so that I can get an extra hour of sleep, and the fact that he listens to Parker talk about his real dad and never says a bad word about him even though I know sometimes it has to break his heart!! Ya I know I am pretty lucky huh!!

Here is our guy - we love Chad Reed!!!

Love you Babe!!!!

How lucky am I - look how cute these guys are!!

What a stylin babe!!

My little man!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

What a good Easter!!!

Heading out for the big easter egg hunt - Doesn't elley look excited lol

The Favero Fam - love you guys :)

Elley and Daddy - they are best buds!!

Can you believe all these eggs? That whole bucket is now full of candy - yeah cavaties( how do you spell that word?) He was so fun this year - he loved finding the eggs and was so good at helping his sister find them too !!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Parker and Elley's Early Easter Gift !!!

I have officially gone crazy !! So what sold these for me is that they are mini chickens - people actually have them as domesticated pets lol can you believe that? And they are show chickens so Chance thinks it will be fun for Parker to show them in the fair. I only wanted one but when we went to get them they told us that they are very lonely animals so we have to take atleast 2 but they had 3 left so that last little chicken couldn't stay alone in the cage so they all came home with us!! YEAH lol!!
I always joke about our house being as crazy as a farm with our dog and goat and cows - so now that we have added chickens I think it is official!!


This is what made it all worth it - this little mans face when we brought them home. He said mom I might just cry right now I am so happy!! He already named them - Jack Black, Cream Puff and Jackie Sue lol!! What a goober :)

And i had to throw one of our princess in to!! it has been so nice outside we just hang out in the yard all day!! How cool is she in her sunglasses - I was pretty impressed that she actually kept them on !!