Monday, July 11, 2011

Turning 7...

Yep.. it's happened. My son is 7!!
Here are some funny thing about Mr. Parker:
He loves girls.. he has started telling me when he thinks a girl is sexy... I am very disturbed by this.
He loves to swim.. and he is so good at it. He freaks his Aunt Loren out when he dives under and hold his breath.
He loves Wrestle mania.. he tries to wrestle anyone who will go for it
He is becoming such a good reader and is super good at math
He is obsessed with Michael Jackson music.. his favorite song is "Beat it"
He is a very passionate kid.. he cries when he hears about animals being hurt or people who don't have homes- he has passed this trait on to his sister.. when those sad commercials come on about homeless animals they both ball there eyes out.
He is a great big brother.. bossy but great!! He loves to be the one to teach Elley how to do something new.. but if she doesn't do it the way he told her then we have a BIG fight on our hands.
He is very observant.. he will be the first person to notice if you do your hair different or change the rug in your house
He is such a lover.. he loves his family so much and makes sure that you know it everyday!!!
He may be 7 but he will always be my little man..