Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Trip to Arizona

This is the jet that we got to ride on!! Pretty sweet :) I was a little worried about the plane ride with Parker until I saw what we were riding on. It was like a house on wheels.  It was a really fun ride and they had lots of junk food so Parker thought it was really cool!!

This is Parker's girlfriend Paris!! He is so in love with her - he told her someday when I get bigger I will buy you a ring and you will be my wife!! She lives in Arizona right next to Jerry and Vicki so Parker got to play with her a lot while we were there. I have not had the heart to break it to him that she is his cousin and off limits lol!!

He is hooked up - two girls pushing him around - what a life !!

This is Paris, Mckenzie and Parker on the Rhino. Chance took us all for a ride- it was so fun!!  

What a Day for Buddy!!

Buddy,Laura,Chance and Chelsey actually got to ride in the official pace car!! Now- smiles from this man are sometimes far an few between so this picture is pretty priceless.  When we got to the races and Chance saw that we were just walking right into the pit lane he said me and my dad came here for so many years and faught to walk in those gates and never got in. So this day must have meant so much to him and his dad !! 

The Nascar Races

This is were we sat to watch the races- In the pits!! It was unbelievable - they are not supposed to have anyone under the age of 18 in there but they passed Parker through as Richard Petty's grandson! This was by far the coolest thing me and Parker have ever done.  We stood right by the pit crews and watched the cars come in for pit-stops. I am so glad that we had this experience - it is something that Parker will always remember!!  Getting ready for the races - they let us walk around the pits before anyone else got there so we could see how they set everything up !!
Yes this is Richard Petty - Parker knows him as Mr. The King off the movie cars!! He is the coolest guy - and he makes the rest of us look like midgets!!
Here he is with Buddy - he was one of buddy's favorite racers !!
Chance and Ryan got to go to the garage where they get the cars ready for the races! It was a pretty big deal I guess because they were both like little kids when they came back - they were so excited that they got to go:)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What a Fun Halloween!!!

This is Christina - man is she a hottie!! lol- This is my brother - he let us dress him up as a women!! He got into it to - he even shaved his legs !!
This is my dad - he was an axe murderer!! He is so cool for dressing up and he made a hay ride with his four wheeler and a trailer. He took all the kids in the neighborhood for rides - they all know he will come up with something fun on halloween. He loves it too - we are so lucky he is such a fun grandpa!!She was so funny with this wig on - she was crying until she saw the camera and then she posed like this!! I wish she had blonde hair like here mommy - then maybe she would look like she belonged to me and not just her daddy:)
This is Kenzy - my cousin Jackie's little girl!! She is so cute and Elley loved her - they will love to play together when she gets bigger!! They are both spoiled little stinkers!!
They hated there costumes - but how cute are they!! They have no choice but to be best friends!!
I love this one!! My brother let us dress him up as a women.  It was seriously so fun- I hope he lets us do it again:) He was such a good sport -he even shaved his legs lol!