Sunday, January 31, 2010


I can't believe my little sister is 21!! Everyone is getting do old - I wish time would just slow down!! That's not so much to ask is it?
We had a super fun night - me and my mom made a taco/nacho bar and made margaritas!! It was nice to just hang out with my brothers and sisters with out a million crazy things going on!!

Chance and Kenna made balloon animals- well more like tried!! This is the special hat they came up with after everything else fell apart:) Gotta give them credit for trying - right!!

What can you say about this crazy girl - she loves to dress up!! This is the tutu I made her - Elley refuses to wear hers, so I am glad to see this one gets some good use!! She is such a stinker - I love her so much!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fashion Police!!!

I can hear the sirens .... if this is not a fashion crime then what is? Lol!! I guess anything works when you have a face like that!!!

My man!!! He is my best buddy - I love him beyond words!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ready for Summer....

Look at these silly kids... they do everything together. They put there sunglasses on and Parker taught Elley to say - "Hey dude"!! Then he told me to come find him when it got warm outside so he could go play in the water - I had to break the bad news that it would be awhile before that would happen. They keep me laughing!! Am I lucky or what?!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our first piece of hand made furniture ... finally finished

I can't believe its done!! I am so excited about this... I made it for my Aunt and I hope she likes it!! It did not take Chance and I very long to build it - only about 2 hours of work. The plans for this table were so easy to follow and I can't wait to get started on the mile long list I have for other furniture projects!!

Once it was finished I caulked all the edges with smooth paintable caulk and then painted it. I distressed the edges and then rubbed stain over the sanded areas. It still needs a couple of coats of poly so it won't scratch and it won't look dull. But I couldn't wait to post the pictures!! What do you think Aunt Julie?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Old Man!!!

Can you believe my husband is turning 27 - holy smokes we are getting old!!
We planned a really fun trip to Arizona because Chance really wanted to go see the super cross race this weekend. It was so fun to get away and it was so weird to sleep in and do what we wanted!! Made me miss my kids like crazy... but its always nice to spend some time alone with my amazing husband:) He is the best and I can't say enough how lucky we all are to have him - Love you babe .. Happy Birthday!!!

This is my man #22 Chad Reed!! He let me down and was out before the race really even started but he will win it all back - I just know it!!- I am surprised how much I have really gotten into Super Cross it is so not my thing but I really enjoy it now! It doesn't hurt that most of the racers are total babes either:)

Here is one of our favorites - Ryan Dungee!! I had to force Chance to go get an autograph - he hates to bug the racers! He ended up winning that night, and he is the nicest guy.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How do you get your husband to spend a whole day at Ikea?

Well if your husband loves food like mine - you promise him a trip to Inn and out burger and he starts the car and loads the kids in for you :) To say Chance is obsessed with inn and out is an understatement if I ever heard one - him and his friends are beyond obsessed with this place. I personally don't get it - but hey who am I to judge!!

Sam made us the cutest New Years Eve package when she stopped by - it was the cutest idea ever and I am so jealous I didn't think of it first!! It had these cute hats and a bunch of candy and some little kid friendly fireworks - totally fun!!

How cute are these matching pj's - parker and Kenna have a pair that my mom made!! Yes my mom made lol- she is not much for sewing the glue gun is her best friend so this is very impressive!! Elley loves hers and freaks out when I have to wash them.

My silly princess- if you look back on every single one of her pictures this is the face she always pulls. Her eyes disappear and you can hear her teeth grinding because she is smiling so hard!! I love that she is so silly and unique - she has her own little personality and I hope it stays that way forever!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A little bit of back in the day!!

I love me some Sam!! I am so excited that she decided to start a blog! I hate that we don't get to see each other more.. so here are some old pictures.. I mean old... pictures of us back in the day just to show my support for her choice to join the blog world. Man this makes me miss those days ... we had so much fun together!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I just couldn't wait!!!

I love Valentines Day!! Well I love hearts - I have been obsessed with hearts since I was little - I love love love hearts!!! So Valentines Day just gives me an excuse to put them everywhere!!!
I made a few Valentines things - I am going to make a few more to give to my mom and mother in law and a few of our neighbors.
I saw something like this at one of my favorite stores - From our Home to Yours. It was so cute , mine didn't turn out quite like there's but I am happy with it - for now:) I am giving my snow men away - I keep looking at them and deciding I don't like them as much as I should. But my awesome husband came home with a scroll saw - he got some money to spend for Christmas and how sweet that he brought this home for me. I never thought I would be so excited about a power tool but I love this thing. I can't wait to learn how to use it!!

I made this earlier this year and then the weather got yucky so I sorta forgot I even had it - it was so easy .. and it's really fun to make a new block for the middle every month. I went to quilted bear and saw some just like this one and they were selling the square wreath for 20.00 - I made mine for less then 5 dollars- all you need is the wood: I think it was a 1X4 but you could really use any size, and some craft wire. And just paint and stain.