Saturday, February 19, 2011

Someone stop the clock...

Make this little girl stop growing up!! SHE IS 3!! What? When did this happen? When did she gets so big? I am struggling a little with this idea.. lol if you can't tell!!
I am so excited that I get to watch this sassy little lady grow up... but a little sad too!! Here are a few fun things about our sweet Elley Belly:
- she LOVES to dance.. and she is pretty good at it too
- she LOVES Justin Beiber( juttin beaver as she calls him) her favorite song is " Baby" and she knows all the words
-She thinks her brother is the coolest thing on this planet
- her best friend is her Boo(Brantley)- they are so in love with each other
- she is OBSESSED with animals... she cries when we talk about the animals who don't have homes
- she is a Big Cat expert.. seriously she can tell you anything you ever wanted to know about a lion,tiger,leopard or cheetah
- so of course her favorite tv channel to watch is : Nat Geo Wild
- she loves spicy food
- she sucks her tongue when she gets tired- It's cute but will probably get her sporting a cool retainer in a few years
-she can not go anywhere with out her blankie and bear.. I have to wash these things like every other day.. she watches them spin around in the washer the entire time- I am lucky if they get a turn in the dryer
-she is so sweet- she seriously has the softest heart, she cries if she thinks you are mad at her
- she loves her daddy and tells him he is the best daddy ever almost every day
-she still sleeps in our bed.. but I honestly don't think we would have it any other way!!
-she has a very strong sense of family- every toy she has must have a mommy, daddy and baby .. s
- she is better at running her Dad's IPad then I am.. sad really lol
- she can count to 12.. and knows almost all her colors
and SHE MAKES ME SMILE EVERYDAY!! She is my best friend.. and I love her more then words.. she is the best and we are so lucky we get to spend our lives with her!!