Friday, February 24, 2012

Our little racers.....

Parker is a natural at this racing thing. He drove his four wheeler into the ground.. he was crazy on that thing. So crazy that we decided to get him a motorcycle - you know because that makes total sense? lol!! He has become a little pro - chance will not admit that the letting him win has very quickly turned into not being able to keep up with him. We were both very surprised at how quickly he got the hang of it. This kid is pretty amazing - he is pretty much great at anything he tries!! I am jealous :)
I guess racing is pretty serious business for Parker!!

Elley has taken over the four wheeler. She cruises around in her cute pink racing gear that she got for her birthday . Although she is more concerned about finding rocks that look like baby dinosaur eggs. Seriously - though how cute does she look in her get-up!!! I think she likes to put it on more because it makes her fit in better with "the boys!!"

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I have to remember...

How seriously sweet my kids are and just how proud I am to be there mother every day .. but mostly in moments like these:

- My Grandpa passed away - he was one of the most important people in my life. My kids know how much he means to me and so they find little ways to involve him in our lives. The sweetest of which is when my little Elley Belly carries a little turtle around ( the turtle is like the mascot of our family- my Grandpa and Grandma loved them) and talks to it like she is talking to my Grandpa. When she sees me watching her she says," Mom, I miss your Grandpa so much- and I love him just like you!!"

I sure do love being the mom to this sweet little girl.. she is even cute when she is sleeping ....

Friday, January 6, 2012

This pretty much sums it up...

Our Christmas was filled with lots of presents,excited faces,family,presents, food.... and oh ya PRESENTS....LOTS of presents!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some October fun...

We have been busy busy busy this month. It was super fun - but I am super excited to move on to Christmas.
We got to see a lot of our favorite friend Boo- she came over and made some fun pumpkin wind socks with the kids. She quickly informed me that is is not a windsock but a pumpkin octopus, and that they are real because she has seen one. I will tell you you are a liar if you try to tell me there is any other kid on this planet with a better imagination then her :)

Here is my little princess in her Ariel costume. She had a super cute wig but refused to wear it!! She has the funniest little personality. She is such a lover but has started to tell you what she thinks - she told her brother"" sometimes you are really nice but then sometimes I really want to kick you!!" I think that about sums up there relationship!!

Arggg!! Boo was our little pirate!! She had the whole pirate lingo down, she told us all about her buried treasure and pirate ship. She is so funny!!!

Here is our scary swamp monster. I was so glad we could talk him into this costume- he has been begging me for months to be some kind of bloody monster with a saw in his neck. I said no way......he is already trying to break me down for next year.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Princess Camp

Me and my sister took the girls to Princess Camp. They had a blast!!

Elley loved the fairy horse!! She has been begging me to buy her a mini horse since we left ...

They went for a carriage ride. Brantley talked Prince Charmings ear off and when we got done with her ride she told him ," You are not a very good prince you didn't even tell me my dress was pretty!!"

Elleys favorite princess was Ariel. She was a little confused about why she did not look like a mermaid.. she told Ariel your dad is going to be so mad that you have legs!! Lol!!

Boo loves Cinderella.. she followed her around everywhere.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another one in school...

Elley Belly is growing up TOOOO fast.... she wanted to go get her hair done and have "BIG GIRL" feather put in. She was so silly - she refused to talk to the hair dresser but she sat so still. She looks so cute with her little pink feathers...

This was a weird day ... I was not expecting her to be so excited. I was so glad she wanted to go but a little sad it was so easy for her to leave me... I know so selfish right!!

Our preschool countdown...

Elley has the same pre school teacher that Parker had. When we went to back to school night she showed us her wall of fame - there was 12 students pictures and Parker was one of them. I guess he made an impression on her :) I think he is part of the reason she did so well - he told her all about the fun stuff she would do in preschool. He told her " Mrs. Leeesa is so nice she will give you lots of hugs and kisses and give you bandaids when you get hurt." Thanks Park!! She was such a big girl - she hung up her backpack, found her name badge and went to play with her new friends. She has got this pre school thing down!! Love you Elley Belly!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

She is so big...

Elley has been trying to convince Chance and I that she is ready to drive the four wheeler all by herself. So this is her first time driving it - she was so brave. She cruised around for hours and cried when it was time to stop. She is such a tom boy - she has begged to "pracise" every day and is getting pretty good at that thing.

We tried to talk Brantley into trying but there was no way that was happening. For now she is content letting Uncle Chance take her for rides...